3rd Person Camera for Unity

I’ve released a 3rd Person Camera for Unity!

This 3rd Person Camera uses advanced features to ease the problems for content creators and players. Be it freeform, auto following or locking on targets. The asset is the ultimate package to get you started on developing games, not camera systems.


  • Collision Sensitivity:
    A spherical collision algorithm makes sure the camera doesn’t clip into any geometry.
  • Smart Pivot:
    Sets a pivot point when the camera is hitting the ground while looking up and prevents the character from blocking the view.
  • Thickness Checking:
    Thickness checking can be configured to ignore smaller obstacles like sticks, trees, etc… to not reposition or zoom in the camera.
  • Follow mode:
    Automatic following of the specified target without the need to manually adjust the camera.
  • Follow slope alignment:
    Automatically aligns the camera upwards or downwards when the target is on slopes.
  • Lock On Mode:
    An easy to setup lock on mode that keeps the player and your target in focus.
  • Controller support

It also has no other script dependencies, is easy to configure and has great extend-ability with it’s clean written C# code.

WebGL demo to see for yourself how it’s handling: Demo Link
Buy it from the Unity Assetstore: Link
Check out the videos:


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