Factorio in Unity/C# – 1.7 million items in 60fps

1 million items at 8 ms! Down from 100ms! Yay! \o/

The new 60 fps record is 1.7million! But How?

With two things:
– new data structure from 100ms to 32ms
– multithreading from 32ms to 8ms

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Factorio in Unity/C# – Part2

UNITY, WE HAVE A PROBLEM I love optimization but you reach a point where you only get a fraction out of it. It’s best to stop there. This point was reached with 150k items. After that 60fps couldn’t be maintained. I was pretty much in disbelief. How can something so simple reach it’s limits at […]

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Factorio in Unity/C# – Part 1

Factorio is an impressive game. I’ve never seen such a raw and visual simulation of items and entities, especially in that scale. Surely they have optimized the hell out of it. It’s also written in C++. A programming language that is known for it’s tremendous throughput of data. Skimming through the blog posts one thing […]

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